TeleDial Call Center Inc.

About Us

We Devote Ourselves In Providing
Quality Service To The Business

About Us

We Devote Ourselves In Providing
Quality Service To The Business

Teledial Call Center

We are a BPO company in the Philippines offering expertise in inbound and outbound sales. We focus on helping multi-billion companies in the US reach more customers for their products and services.

At Teledial Call Center, we train our employees to become sales experts while giving them the space to grow and succeed. Our competitive strength lies in our ability to select young and passion-driven individuals around the metro and plan their training based on our clients’ needs and goals.

Another of our competitive strengths lies in the design of our services. Our services can drive measurable business results without requiring large investments or fixed overheads. By outsourcing front and back office processes to our professional team of call center agents, you can expand your global presence, decrease costs, and focus your attention on growing your company.

We have evolved our services to cover multi-channel platforms, ensuring service delivery across all devices. Our technology infrastructure is optimized for mobile, telephony, and computer systems. Our location is Information Technology enabled, ensuring redundancy across all possible contingencies and business continuity.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become an industry leader by providing quality and seasoned service. Making every client grow with us and surpassing the standards is core to our potential values.

With a never-ending demand for technological services, we also strive to adapt to the continuous advancements to support the success of the businesses doing business with us.

Our Vision

We devote ourselves to providing quality service to the businesses that we are helping. Our company believes in surpassing limits in the competitive industry of business process outsourcing through the collaborative effort of our people, who are imbued with competence and are service oriented. We envision that with our consistent dedication to growth and development, we will be at the top of the industry, helping companies inside and outside the country.


We know the BPO industry is very competitive, and here is how we rise above our competitors.

  1.  We leverage all our strengths, including our country’s natural affinity to BPO and our many years of experience.
  2. We continue building our strong company culture and ethical work attitude.
  3. We offer savings and work quality second to none.
  4. We continue evolving our services to cover multi-channel platforms and ensure service delivery across all devices.
  5. We continue optimizing our Information Technology for all devices.
  6. We choose to operate from an Information Technology enabled location to help ensure business continuity in all situations.
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